H&M - A magical holiday - one film, two techniques


Fairy tales? Who of us doesn't like them? We all used to have our favourite ones. So here is another Christmas film with two great techniques to use. 


AGE: 12+


FILM ADDRESS: https://youtu.be/QBf0Ymroge0

VOCABULARY: plung into, paraller universe, evil, nasty, stright away, formidable, wisdom, fihure out, give scolding, damned, summoned


AIM: to practise Past Simple/Past Continuous (stories)
          to develop students' creativity
          to teach team working 

I absolutely adore using SCREENSHOTS in the classroom. So here is the time to show how to do it effectively. Watch the film and choose scenes to make screenshots. Max 6. Divide the class, depending on the size, into two/three groups. Place the screenshots in front of each of the group and ask the students to use them in the story they will create. Students decide in which order they are going to use them. Then each group tells their story. The most creative and original story wins.



AIM: to practise retelling the stories (memory task)
           to watch for general information/detail
When we think about a film, we usually think about a vision. We less often use sound only. But in case of this film, I would like to encourage you to use SOUND BEFORE VISION technique. Divide your class into two/three groups. Give each of the groups 6 screenshots. Tell them that they are going to listen to a story and their task is to put the pictures in the correct order. After the listening activity, play the film again and tell them that now they are going to watch the film with vision now and have to check if they were correct. Later ask random students to retell the story.

Both techniques can be easily applied to any films that you want to play during Christmas season. And tomorrow another film and two techniques to use.

Hope you enjoyed the activity. Comment and share


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