Audi Holiday Campaign - one film, two techniques



Finally, something for car lovers and groups consisting of boys mostly. I happen to have a few of them so I found it tempting to use this video during my Christmas lesson.

This time we are not going to talk about 'ohs and ahs' of X-mas time. Quite on the contrary, we are going to talk about the things we dislike.

  • sound vocabulary: bell ringing, engine rev, car brakes screeching, choir singing, car sensor beeping (door open), car keys beeping, shopping cart/trolley rattle, reverse parking sensor beeping etc.


LEVEL: pre-intermediate

  • to talk about things that annoy us with the use of the following expressions:
-It really annoys me when........
-It's so annoying when.........
-It drives me mad when.....
-What I hate about Christmas is/are................
  • to introduce sound vocabulary (sound only technique)
  • to practice predicting - What is going to happen next? (freeze technique), to be going to



The following film is perfect to present this technique. It contains plenty of sounds. You can use it with any other film that if full of various sounds.


Tell your students that they are going to hear the sounds from the film. While listening they have to remember the sounds, their order and guess what the story is about.


Students work in pairs and write down the sounds they have heard and discuss what the story was about.
When  they finish, write down some of the expressions on the board and introduce the ones they didn't know. See sound vocabulary above.


Discuss with the students what they think the story was about and if they agree with the other students. Then tell them that it was a commercial but they have to guess what kind of commercial it was. It's quite obvious but in some groups there are real car lovers so I would ask what make of car it was:) Remember - fun is necessary. If listening is a pleasure then deeper learning takes place.


Ask the students if they would like to see the commercial. I think that the answer will be obvious. In one of my groups, the students put a bet on the make that would appear in the film:) Tell them also that while watching they have to find out what kind of problem connected with Christmas is presented.


Class discussion. Introduce the expressions connected with dislikes (see above) and ask your students to tell what they dislike about Christmas. 


You can use a completely different technique with your students which is called FREEZE or connect both of them. If they film is involving and there is some action, you can keep your students in suspense and freeze the scene from time to time asking - What is going to happen now? The pace of this film is quite fast so it would be perfect to apply. In case of this commercial, I would definitely freeze after 1:33min. Ask about the ending:)

Remember that all those techniques can be used with various films. Hope you will enjoy it. If yes, you can share your experience in the comments. Tommorow the last film in a five-day Christmas film marathon.


  1. I'm doing it right now (with some tine modifications as it ishigh school!), just to slow down before Christmas, and the students are really having great time

  2. Happy to hear that. We can mix up methods, order and pace depending on the age and level.


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