About me

Where I live

My name is Magdalena Wasilewska and I come from Poland - north of Poland to be precise, for those who don't know what the difference is, let me just explain you that it is the most beautiful part of Poland, often called the Masurian Lakeland as there are over a thousand of lakes there. Proof - just have a look:

Enough, as people from other corners of  Poland will hate me in a minute....Poland is a beautiful place, whole Poland:)

What I do

On Mondays I teach, on Tuesdays I teach as well, on Wednesdays I try to survive while teaching - middle of the week, then comes Thursday and Friday a bit faster as it's closer to the weekend but what I do - still teach:)

I'm the Green Hills Academy (www.greenhillsacademy.pl) - a private English school owner, teacher and manager. It takes me a lot of time but I love what I do. I specialise in teaching exam groups and teenage groups, but in reality I teach all ages from 7 to 77 and all levels. I'm also Cambridge oral examiner and conference speaker. I love teacher training so I decided to do it professionally and now I'm also a graduate of the Teacher Training Academy organized by DOS-ELTea - great people and experience - Marta, Greg thanks again! 

I love travelling, I'm a licenced tour guide and I organize regular summer language trips and camps for my students and family. And now I have a blog....

What I love

Privately, I'm the mother of two: Claudia - 20 and Borys - 12 and as every mother I love them and spending every single minute or second with them. Most people who know me, however, will tell you that I'm the passionate teacher and that is also what I love. My policy in life - "happy mother means happy children". As a graduate of American Studies Center - I love American history, politics and above all its culture. I know how sceptical sometimes people are about America but I love it all. I love NEW YORK, it's the only city in the world that I could live in. And finally, I love eating in the restaurants - food is the best pleasure in life.


  1. Hello Magdalena. Your part of Poland is really beautiful. I have just attended your session at The Image Conference, in Lisbon and enjoyed it immensely. Could you share your presentation with us. You packed it with so much information it was hard to follow it all. Thank you so much.

    1. Could you please send to my email address, romeo.lamai@gmail.com?


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