What is the blog about

This blog is about visual literacy in ELT and the use of images and videos in the classroom, in particular.

What is the focus

The main idea is to give a quick overview of the visual literacy in an English classroom and why it is important. But above all, the purpose is to provide ready to use activities for always having a full plate teachers. We don't have to cut out tones of pictures from the magazines in order to use them in the lesson any longer. We don't have to gather our students around a small screen to watch something as it used to be in the past.

Instead, we have plenty of resources available within a second: students' phones, tablets, computers, projectors and the best friend of all - WI FI. 

If we don't learn how to exploit videos and images in the classroom, teaching won't bring desirable effects. And it's all about outcome, isn't it?

Target reader

The blog is mainly devoted to the teachers of English around the world, however, teachers of other languages may find it useful, as well. It is going to concern all levels and age groups.

How it works

I'm going to publish the lesson plans with hands on activites or articles devoted to the use of images and videos in the class. In case of the lesson, there will be included: level, age, time needed, language or grammar focus etc. I hope you will find it useful:)