Time to start

Hello everybody! My name is Magdalena Wasilewska and I'm the teacher of English with over 20 years of experience in this profession. I used to work in public schools for a while, however, for the past 15 years I have been DOS in my own private school of English called Green Hills Academy. I teach every day - children, teens and adults. But my favourite age group are teens, those the most rebellious ones that nobody else wants to teach. Why, you may ask. Well, working with them is the most challanging and at the same time the most rewarding kind of activity. I just love them. My second favourite type of students are exam groups that I've been teaching all those years - the most motivated and goal oriented students I have ever had. But I can't complain as I love teaching them all. As Rita Pierson once said:

"(...)kids don't learn from the people they don't like (...)"

And it's completely true. (God, how much I love the woman) Starting this blog is something new for me but I simply think it's high time to do it and share my experience with others. 


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