"Print your guy" - how to find a perfect match!

'Print your guy' - how to find a perfect match!

The plot

Pamela lives on her own in an apartment in Paris. One evening while watching a movie she sees a commercial for a company who claims they can print her a perfect guy, by logging on at printyourguy.com. Very excited, she runs to her computer to order one, but when it arrives, she realizes that the product wasn't exactly what she had expected! 

Topic: love, relationship
Time: about 20-30 minutes
Level: pre-intermediate +
Age group: 12 and above
Activity aim: 
  • to present/revise and practice personality adjectives: manly, cultured, sensitive, cool etc.
  • to practice speaking, class discussion
Vocabulary to pre-teach: fragile, manly, senstive, cultured, cool, order, commercial, print, guy

Grammar to pre-teach: questions: What does he/she like? What is he/she like?

Stage one:

Divide your students into 2 groups (preferably boys versus girls). Ask group one to discuss and list as many adjectives describing perfect boys as possible. At the same time, the second group writes down the adjectives describing the types of girls that boys usually look for. Monitor, helping the less advanced students to find a perfect equivalent of the words they need. Try to control the use of L1. This part should be quick less than 5 min.

In the meantime, write on the board the words that appear in the video - manly, sensitive, cultured, cool.

When they have finished the discussion, ask them questions referring to the words from the board:
Do the words describe a boy or a girl?
What does each boy look like?
What is he like?

Revise or introduce the difference between:
What is he like? He is sociable and funny.
What does he look like? He is quite tall and strong.

Stage two:

Now draw two columns on the board. Column one BOYS, column two GIRLS and ask your students to fill in each of them with the adjectives they have written down before. Add the adjectives from the video, as well. You will quickly realise that column GIRLS has fewer adjectives than column BOYS. Boys are less demanding:) At this moment I usually discuss why it is like that and have a lot of laugh.

Stage three:

Now tell your students that there is this single girl living alone in the flat having no boyfriend. One day she notices a TV commercial which offers her to print a perfect guy. What do you think she does? What kind of boyfriend she would like? Any questions of prediction follow.

Stage four:

Play a film. Students check their predictions. Watch the video until 4.33 min, pause and ask further questions: What is she going to do now? Why can't she find a perfect boy?

Stage five:

Play the film to the end. Observe students reactions. Ask them for their comments. Ask why this was a perfect match. Where is the clue? How to find a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend? Students usually comment that common passions, interests or hobbies are very important, Others don't pay attention to details and haven't noticed the title of the book that dropped on the floor, which was the answer to the questions. Continue the discussion.

I have done this lesson with a few groups before and no matter what age group it was, it was a success and students loved it. Obviously, it is not the only way to use this film in the classroom if you try and have some new ideas just write in the comment. ENJOY!


  1. Now I don't need to worry what to do with my teenage students next week. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thank you. Hope your students will like it😊

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