Never have I ever - a fun game inspired by Ellen

Never have I ever - a fun game inspired by Ellen

There are a lot of fans of Ellen show all over the world and I'm the one, as well. While watching various episodes of her show I noticed a regular game that she uses with her guests. The game is called Never have I ever....Each participant is asked a series of questions and all they do is to choose the correct answer - either I HAVE NEVER or I HAVE and explain it to the public. Below there is one randomly chosen video to show you what it is all about. Most of them are not suitable for the classroom use but it is just to show you the idea of the game.

Film address:

AIM : to practice Present Perfect in questions and answers versus Past Simple, Inversion

Take two (or more) table tennis rackets and just stick a sheet of paper with words I HAVE NEVER on one side and I HAVE  on the other side. Prepare your students a series of funny questions such as :

1. Never have I ever stolen sth from the shop.
2. Never have I ever cheated in the test.
3. Never have I ever kissed sb in the public. etc.

Or ask each student to write 5 crazy sentences starting with Never have I ever....
Give your own example on the board eg. Never have I ever worn sister's/brother's clothes.
Then choose two students and give them the tennis rockets. Students have to react to the sentences and if the answer is I have they are asked additional questions but using Past Simple this time:
When did it happen? How old were you? etc

A perfect activity for a short warm up or filler. Fun is guaranteed especially if you have a creative group and the questions are funny.



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