Christmas commercial competition and Film in Action (part two)

Christmas commercial competition - part two

So here is another interesting Christmas story presented in a commercial by Heathrow airport. At first glance, there is not much happening and there are hardly any words. However, it's not a problem at all. Quite on the contrary, you can use it very effectively. How?

In this post I would like to present you another activity shown by Kieran Donaghy in his inspiring book Film in Action.

Memory game

It's an activity in which you need a short film with lots of details. So the above commercial seems to be perfect. You can use it as a warm up, a filler or a closer. It's up to you!

Time: 10 min

Level: elementary +

Age group: 7-12

Activity aim: to spot the visual details, to increase general understading of a story

Film address:

Stage one:

Divide your class into two groups and give each of them a buzzer (you can download the app called Buzzer and just place two mobiles on the desk in the middle of each group). Select a leader in each of the groups to press the button.(the toughest part:)

Stage two:

Explain the students that they are going to watch a short film connected with Christmas. All they need to do is to remember as many details as possible while watching.

Stage three:

Play the video and later ask the questions prepared in advanced. Here are some examples:

1. What was the colour of the blanket on the plane? (purple)
2. What was the name of the airport they landed? (Heathrow)
3. Did  grandma teddy bear have a bag? (Yes, she did)
4. What did grandma have on her coat? (a brooch, a light blue clover)
5. What did the driver of the airport car have on his head? (St. Clause cap)
6. How many buttons did each of the coats have? (3 each)
7. Where did the plane land? (UK, London)
8. What colour was grandma's hat? (red)
9. What was the name and the surname in the passport? (Bair Edward)
10. When was he born? (10th March 1944)
11. Who was wearning glasses? (grandpa)
12. Who used the toilet? (grandpa)
13. What colour was grandma's suitcase? (red with white dots)
14. What did granpa want to buy? (a box of biscuits)
15. Who was waiting for them at the airport? (grandchildren, a boy and a girl)

Of course, with less advanced students you can use questions with Present Simple or Present Continuous form eg. What is he wearing?

In such activity, students are completely engaged and watch eagerly as they want to win. Because Christmas is soon so why not to give them some treat as a reward:)

Have fun! Tomorrow another Christmas commercial and more ideas to use.