Image Challenge

52 ways of using images in the classroom

Who of us doesn't remember Ice Bucket Challenge or the most recent one Mannequin Challenge? We all adore challenges as we can test ourselves and become part of the fun.


In the world of teaching there should be also some challenges to motivate us as well as the students. As the blog is devoted to visual literacy and images are part of it, I would like to encourage you to join, let's call it : IMAGE CHALLENGE in your classroom. There are 52 weeks this year and every week I'm going to publish one of the ways in which we can use images with our students. There will be various types of activities: online, unplug, inside and outside, individual and group one. Your task? Try it, comment on it and share with others:) Sounds like fun? Teaching shouldn't be boring, Let's spice up our lessons a bit:)

52 WEEKS = 52 WAYS

Because coursebook photos are not enough!!!